Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Pictures of HONEY's Kittens with their eyes opened

     It has been a while and a lot has been happening.  But for now let's look at these pretty little babies.

These are our two little boys.  They now have their eyes open.  And trying to wobbledly walk around.

One of the boys is much lighter in coloring.  And the other a bit darker.  Although in these pictures that may be too hard to tell.  But they are growing and healthy and looking good.

Which leads us to our two little girls.  One is definitely darker than the other. ( heeheehee)

And they are so very cute with their eyes opened.

These four are adopted already and waiting until the 10 week mark when they will  be going to their new homes.

And here are our two boys a few days ago.  Just a little older.

Here you can start seeing the difference in contrast of the two colorings.  The one looking front is much lighter than the darker eared and coat  of the one looking back.

And these two little beauties are the girls. 

So in another week or so we'll see some differences in the pictures.  They get more defined and their coloring starts getting known and it's always fun to see what they are up to.  But they are fun and right on target with where they should be.  

Good Show You Guys.  Now go take a nap.

Maybe me too.

Have a sunny day ( I hope, for a change) I'm tired of snow and rain.

Bye for now,

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville, Va 22567



  1. So cute, and you can see their personalities starting to emerge also (who is shy, etc.) Wonderful cats!