Sunday, March 21, 2021


DREAMER had 6 kittens on Monday. 
All are healthy and doing very well.  Two are adopted, one girl and one boy.
DREAMER had 3 boys and 3 girls.

The babies' pictures are really good, evidently DREAMER is a blur today.

She really is being a dream today, she is happy to share the babies and let me get pictures and even handle them right after birth and a bit after she got them all cleaned up.  So happy to get such sweet pictures.

DREAMER is still blurry.  I don't know how she keeps coming out blurred and the kittens look perfect. LOL.

ANY way, I am calling my waiting list on ABIGAIL's last two and the remaining 4 of DREAMER's as well.  I sometimes call and someone adopts right away and sometimes I call 9-38 people before another one is adopted.  So the waiting list is dwindling.  However every day 1-4 people ask to join the waiting list, so there will be some waiting for the end of the year litters.  I am finally into 2021 on the waiting list, I am into January 2021 now.  So I will keep going with the waiting list.  I have left numerous calls on Voice Mails so if someone does not call me back in a 3 day time period I do go on to the next person.  I try to be fair to everyone. if you feel like I have missed you on the waiting list please reach out to me at 540-445-0630 or e-mail me on

Please enjoy the pictures of our newest babies.

Cherished Siberians

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