Tuesday, March 30, 2021

ABIGAIL's Kittens A Growing Brood


ABIGAIL's babies are so cute and friendly.  Here with mommy, still nursing away.  They have no interest in the wet food yet.  Maybe next week.  But I have seen one or two nibbling in the dry food bowl.  I don't know if they are actually eating any yet.

This little Blue W/White Tabby boy says "Hey!  What are you lookin' at?

The little Blue W/ White boy and the Black W/White boy behind him.

Colorpoint Boy ( the lighter of the two)

The darker Colorpoint boy.

Sorry my legs are in so many of the pictures, but when I'm on the floor with them, they just walk all over me.....literally.  hahaha.

My sweet little girl, with the black boy whizzing by, blurry, of course.

Blue W/ White boy and Black W/ White Tabby boy.  A Boxed set.

The two Colorpoints, one snuggling in at my shin, and the Black kitten is showing a smattering of white under his chin and upper chest.  And the Blue W/White boy cuddling on mommy.

Just can't seem to get all 6 in a single picture together. (smile)

Mommy says, "you can go now, I have them all in the box and I need my time with them."  So I complied.


They are still quite young and little.  And their take home date is May 8th.

It's hard to wait, but it's the best thing for them to be with Mommy for at least 10 weeks.  I find , by this time, Mommy doesn't really want to nurse any more, and they are eating and drinking and are litter box trained and playing hard, and are fine to go to their loving forever homes.  And  that's how I was taught by MY mentor, so that's how I do things.

So happy picture day today.  I will try to get more as time goes by.  But patience is the key, I never know when I can get good shots, or I end up with a blur party.  Ick.  But I  do try my best.

Til Next time, .....

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