Sunday, March 21, 2021

Fun Pictures Of ABIGAIL's Growing Brood

   ABIGAIL's babies are just beginning to think about being adventurous and coming out of their box.  But so far none have stayed out to wander and play. 

For fun, I took a Chewy box from the mail and cut a doorway for ABIGAIL to play with while she was pregnant.  But instead of her birthing box, she decided to have her kittens in the chewy box.  But that turned out ok because the top opens up when I want to see inside from the top and then closes up again so ABIGAIL can have her privacy with her kittens. And it maintains the warmth for the kittens very well.
The Black Tabby boy (front and center) the BlueTabby girl and the Colorpoint boy (one of two)

Second Colorpoint boy.

Huddled mass all around mama.

The Blue W/White Tabby boy and the 2nd Colorpoint boy behind.


Views from the top of the box. Two Colorpoints, One solid Black, The Black W/ White Tabby and the Blue Tabby girl......who's hiding?  Oh, the Blue Tabby boy.

Playing with Mommy.
Are we venturing out of the box today?   No, I guess not.

I want to come to see you, do I dare come outside?  This is the Black W/White boy and the Colorpoint  boy is right behind him.

                                   HELLO CUTIE PIES !!!!

Still huddling together.

BLUE tabby girl with the Black boy.

So, I just took them out to see what they would do.  They did walk around for a couple of minutes, but right back to the box and mommy.  It didn't last long.

                                 Blue Tabby girl.

Our only little Blue Tabby girl.
Black boy.
  Blue W/ White Tabby boy.

 ABIGAIL with one of the the Colorpoint boys.

So, lots of pictures and some I had to delete because they were too blurry to see.  These  little guys never stay still and it is quite hard to get pictures of kittens.  It literally takes me hours.

So enjoy until the next set.

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