Thursday, March 24, 2022


     Good morning,

  HONEY, as usual, is making it  difficult to get to her and the kittens and get pictures.  Now she has decided that keeping all the kittens and herself inside a carrier is the best place to keep everyone.  It was REALLY ridiculous when it was a tight, regular sized carrier I'd left in her room after a vet visit.  So I brought out a large one and tricked her into that one and got a few pictures of the kittens in the transition.  

Baby number one.   


Baby number 2


Baby number 3

Baby number 4

And baby number 5

And some pictures inside the carrier of Mom and babies.  Doesn't look too comfortable to me, but it's a LOT roomier than the other carrier she tried to stuff them all into .

So I am just going to post these real quick to let the babies be seen.  Rest assured they are
WELL taken care of by Mom, she will even attempt to nip at ME if she doesn't want them touched.  And they are getting plenty of milk to grow and thrive.  As you can see on the fat little bellies. lol.

As they start learning to really walk and get about and she can't keep them in the carrier any longer, I will get more and hopefully better pictures.

     Have a wonderful day today

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville, Va 22567


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