Sunday, March 6, 2022


  Good morning all,

      DREAMER's kittens are growing and thriving.  They are doing quite well.

Cute little kitty faces and the head of the fourth.

She just won't turn around.  (smile)

Sleepy little huddle-bugs.  Look at those fat little bulging bellies.

As you  can see, they have their eyes open now.  And they are trying to crawl around, but mostly just to get to Mommy and cuddle each other.

It is warm in their 'kitty cabins'  as there is electricity out there and electric heaters set up. A couch or chair in each room and carpeting. And I finally was able to get the walls up over the insulation. Yay.  It is looking great out there. So homey.  Which is what I was going for , I want them to feel like they are in a home environment, even before they are adopted into a home, to start the socializing early on.

Mommy is caring and attentive.

Crawling over Mommy, a new past time since they can see now.

Always alert to her little brood.  The kittens aren't playful yet, but they are rolling over and alert.

I was able to get individual pictures, but it is so hard to tell them apart when their coloring hasn't really come in yet.  This is the largest girl.  The first born actually.

And this is the second to the smallest.

This is the girl with the blue around her eyes.  

I think this is the first one again.

This is the 2nd largest girl.

 The rest of these are just to look at since it is still too hard to pick them out in pictures.  I will keep observing them until I can handle them more and see their differences.

But, the babies are doing very well.  And they are eating and sleeping and growing excellently.

They go home April 27th.

These 4 kittens of DREAMER's are ADOPTED.  

So enjoy the babies until HONEY has hers in the next few days ( if not today).

Beautiful weather for the next 3 days.  Take advantage of the great outdoors!

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville, Va. 22567


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