Monday, April 4, 2022

HONEY's Babies Are Wandering About

 HONEY's kittens are getting curious and wandering about the whole room ( much to HONEY's disliking)  she loves to keep them near her and keep them little babies for as long as she can.  She hates for them to get too far.  

   But these little ones scramble to get to me and cuddle and play whenever I get down on the floor with them.  And purr too. They are the friendliest I've seen HONEY's kittens be in a long time.  They remind me of ABIGAIL's kittens.  They are always super friendly.  

This little Flamepoint boy is still available temporarily.  I still have around 20 on my waiting list to contact.

This is our lone little girl in this litter.  She is going to be a Blue Lynx Point it looks like right now.

                                                        She belongs to C. C.

 This handsome Cream Tabby W/ White belongs to A. F.

This Cream Tabby boy belongs to D. G.

This little boy is a Blue Lynx Point.   And he belongs to N. S.
      I am so happy that these little ones are growing up so well adjusted. They are 4 weeks old and they seem to be well above what they should be doing at this point.  Wonderful.
   Here are some fun photos.   See if you can pick your baby out in the various pictures. 

   They do like running around and playing with little toys and they certainly love people and being with me to play and cuddle.  I just LOVE it.

Enjoy your pictures and enjoy today before it starts raining again  this week.  


Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd.

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