Sunday, April 12, 2020

Updates for ABIGAIL's and HONEY's litters

Hello everybody!!!
   Thank you to the overwhelming response to the babies and understanding about the nonavailability for visits at this timeframe of CoVid19 issues.  Allergy testing is going great with fur samples sent through the mail.  We are making it work aren't we...all?  You have been so upbeat and kind and friendly, I have enjoyed so much chatting with those of you who have called.  540-854-6468.
    Ok, so let's recap ABIGAIL's litter first  All kittens in Abigail's litter have been spoken for and have homes. 

HONEY's litter:All the kittens are spoken for and have homes to go to.

This has been, I think, the quickest two whole litters have been spoken for in a month's time.

And what an exciting time to take kittens home, when, by necessity we need to be home too.  Time to bond and play and love on the kittens and make fast friends for life. It's the  BEST of a tough situation.
     Please everyone, stay well, and stay home and social distancing for everyone's health.  I am doing my part staying home and letting others go into places for me as I am in the "over 60" set who are supposed to stay put.  I would hate to be the one to unwittingly pass anything on to others by not listening to direction.  I care about you all.



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