Thursday, April 23, 2020

HONEY's Litter

HONEY's babies aare 2 weeks behind ABIGAIL's.   These guys are just getting out and about in the room and discovering so many new things.

Blue and White girl with the question mark marking on her forhead.  What an adorable cutie.

Our  little Calico girl with the dark under her eyes.  Doing good in her exploring.

Our lone Colorpoint girl in this litter.  A big girl and very inquisitive.

Our sweet, tiny little baby.  Blue with White little girl.  She is feisty and lovable. Purrs and comes for cuddles.

The second of our three Calico kittens.  She has the whitest face of the three , with the cutest black spot of fur right under her eye.

And our third little Calico in the litter.  Has a lot of the Torbie honey coloring like her Mom in her face. 

     They are all playing and getting out of the box and having a good time.  They still nurse 100 percent of the time.  At closer to the 5 week mark I will introduce wet foods to them.  They will be ready for it by then.   Very good kittens, one and all.  They all purr and want to come to me to be petted and played with.

Some extra fun pictures......

And they are all happy and healthy.


Doreene Richmond
Cherished Siberians
Unionville, Va

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