Tuesday, October 7, 2014

No Available Kittens

Good Morning, I am sad to announce that Cherished Siberians has no available kittens at this time.  My babies from Maliha's litter have all gone home.  Except Charlie , who is being picked up at the end of this month.
     But the 3 girls need a little rest before going back into motherhood.  Gracie , who should have been pregnant, turned out not to be .  And she is with Joey now, but she doesn't seem to be actively in heat.  So time will tell there.  Hoko could be mated in her next cycle which will probably be next month.  And Maliha needs a few months'  break .  But, I will keep you informed when there are kittens on the horizon.
   In the meantime, everyone seems to be very excited about their kitten choices in this litter.  Maliha's kittens in this litter, were so people oriented and friendly.  They outshined some of the past litters in social skills. (smile)  Go Maliha!!   Well,  Bye For Now.  Culpeper, Va.  Cherished Siberians will be so happy to hear from you in the next few months.

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