Friday, October 17, 2014

Good Morning Gentle Readers, 
     Currently I am not in Culpeper, Va.  I am visiting friends in Oklahoma, where the wind really does sweep you off your feet.  Whew.   But Mt. Scott is beautiful and the night sky is gorgeous when the sun is setting.  And to see old time friends is the best way to see beautiful country. (smile).
     While I have been away,  I , of course, have someone caring for all my cats and kitten needs.  AND I have one kitten who was returned because her mom was severely allergic even to the Siberian breed.    SO, I have a female, blue tabby available and she is a cutie.  And the girl said that "Mable" is very people friendly and outgoing.
She is back at my home now and with her mommy again for now.  But we would  like to see her get a forever home.  I will be home again in Culpeper in another week, so please leave me messages at the phone number  540-727-8950.  And everything can be solidified when I return.
     So for right now,  I am having a grand time visiting and will write again when I return to my very busy home (even when I'm gone).  
     Have a great rest of the month and look at the sunsets in your area, the sky is so beautiful...enjoy.

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