Saturday, October 21, 2023

ABIGAIL's Kittens

 ABIGAIL's kittens are growing really well.  They are so sweet.  Their eyes are fully open and they are playing amongst themselves.  They cannot walk real well yet.  And ABIGAIL kept them inside the extra large carrier that she gave birth in (instead of her birthing box)  to this day.  Even though I fixed up a very comfortable area for her and them.  But she has her own ideas.  My cats seem to do that a lot.  BUT  ABIGAIL never minds me touching her kittens and loving on them.  As long as I love on her first and the longest. (smile)

These were before their eyes were open.

Here their eyes were beginning to open

AND  look at the difference now.

They don't play so hard that they have each other screaming yet.  They are just gently pawing at each other now.  The rough and tumble play  will be another 3 weeks or so away.

And they sure are sweet!!!
And they already don't mind me picking them up to cuddle.
ABIGAIL's kittens are usually that friendly and chill though.
I'll get more as they grow.
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Cherished Siberians
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