Friday, September 4, 2020


 Good morning, 

     Everybody enjoyed the pictures, but wants to find out whose baby is whose.  ALL 7 babies have been  adopted now.  Everybody is happy.   SO,  here goes:  ( and I am only using initials here)


Our Blue W/White Boy belongs to: K. K.


Our Colorpoint Boy with the Blue on his nose belongs to: S.T.



 This Colorpoint Girl belongs to: V.P.



The pink nose Colorpoint Boy belongs to:  A.S.  And his name is Twinkie.

Our Classic Blue Tabby W/White belongs to: C.V-B.



This Sealpoint Girl belongs to: B.G. And her name is Jessie.



And out Black W/White Boy belongs to: N.R. And his name is Toby. 

I hope everybody is happy with their pictures and there will be more in the future.  They are big, fat, and healthy little kittens.  Mama is very attentive and good with these little guys, as she is with all her litters.  ABIGAIL is a very good Mama.

Enjoy the pictures.

 Doreene Richmond

Cherished Siberians

Unionville, Va. 


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