Monday, June 10, 2019

HOKO's Litter and pictures

This is Missy.  She is the darkest colored one in HOKO's Litter.  She is UNAVAILABLE.
    She is quite pretty and precious.  she has been adopted.

This boy is UNAVAILABLE.  He is quite the charmer and he has been adopted.

This lovely, fluffy lady is AVAILABLE.  she is definitely right out there whenever I walk into the room.  She is very curious and outgoing.

This little guy is AVAILABLE.  He is playful and boldly rushes out the door to explore every time I come into the room.  But he willingly stops when I call him and then I pick him up to bring him back into the room with his Mama.

   The 5th one is already in her new home and is happily playing and making her new place her home.

ALL of HOKO's litter are ready to go home right now.  Today (6/10/19) they had their wellness visit to the Vet and all is well and they are very healthy.  Now they would like to go to your home forever.

     Call 540-727-8950,  or e-mail at

Have a wonderful day.  From Culpeper, Va.  Cherished Siberians

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