Wednesday, June 26, 2019

5 Purr Babies Waiting For A Home

Hello, Hello,
   YES, we have a few babies left available.

This is the biggest and fluffiest of  HOKO's kittens AVAILABLE.  He is a sweet and lovable boy.  Comes running over to be petted.

This is the second AVAILABLE  boy from HOKO's litter.  He is lighter in color but equally as friendly and eager to be loved and cuddled.  Just a smidgeon smaller than the first boy.

And my precious little girl. The only girl left who is AVAILABLE. She is a purr baby for sure.  And playful and cuddly.  I have had ones refer to her legs as short and stumpy, but that is an optical illusion of her coloring.  She is just as perfect and proportioned as her brothers.  She is also from HOKO's litter.

Peek a booo.  This is my favorite hideaway and playplace

This handsome chap is AVAILABLE from DREAMER's litter.  One of two boys from her litter.

He is so cute with his white cheeks and blue eyes.  He is the lighter of the two boys still AVAILABLE  from DREAMER's litter.

And this is the bigger of the two AVAILABLE from DREAMER's litter.  He is a regular fluff ball with his darker muzzle and big blue eyes.  He IS a dream for sure.

He loves cozy spots and lots of  hugs and loving.  He purrs like crazy.

So that is our last 5 out of 20 this year.  My next litters will probably go home in January or so.  The girls need time to rest and recoup their little bodies before I let them have another litter. I hope you understand.  They are my babies too and I need to take care of them so that you may enjoy happy and healthy babies too.    They have been cute, and fun, and gone to many different , loving homes and they send me pictures so I can make a blog of the babies gone home.  That will be fun.

SO, if you fell in love with any of these 5 babies, please call or e-mail me at 540-727-8950 or and reserve your little one today.  They are all over 10 weeks old now and can come home with you today.  They have been to their wellness Vet visit, and had their deworming and their first set of vaccinations.  Now all they need is YOU.

   Have a wonderful day today from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.

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