Thursday, June 13, 2019

DREAMER's Litter

Hello, hello,  Dreamer's litter are ready to go.....home, with loving families, that is.

This little girl is UNAVAILABLE.   She is sweet tempered and cuddly.  She has white boots on her feet.  And she has her home to go to very soon.

This little girl is UNAVAILABLE.  She has been adopted.  She has the cutest pink nose.

This boy is AVAILABLE.  And they are ready to go home in 3 more days.  He is a purr baby and friendly.

This little boy is just the cutest little fluff ball.  And Colorpoints keep their blue eyes their whole lives.  So those baby blues can melt your heart forever.  This little dreamer is AVAILABLE.

This little boy is also AVAILABLE.  See him crying for attention so he can go home first???

    If any of the three remaining available kittens touch your hearts, you can call me at 540-727-8950, or contact me by

These guys are ready to go home in 3 more days.  So you won't even have to wait to take them home or to surprise that special someone or to have your home buddy ready and waiting at the door for you.

   Thank you for your continued interest in Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.

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