Saturday, July 7, 2018


 ABIGAIL'S first litter is born.  She had six kittens.  They all look great.

Very healthy and cute.

And Abigail is proving to be a great little Mom.

These two spotted kittens are blue and white. One is a boy and one is a girl.  I have two colorpoint kittens, one is a girl and one is a boy.

And a brown/ black mackerel tabby, which was a color specified by someone who wanted that coloring, if they would call me at 540-727-8950 we can definitely take care of that request.

  And lastly a Blue Tabby.

   So, soon to be busy days again at Cherished Siberians.

HOKO's litter has gone home.  One boy...Zander is looking for his forever home.  And he is amazing in coloring.  He is beautiful.  And sweet too.

Please contact me if you have a place in your home and your heart for Zander. Call me at 540-727-8950
or email at cherishedsiberians

And in another 9 weeks we will be having Abigail's kittens go home.  But if you are interested in any of them from the blog pictures call and reserve them today.

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