Sunday, July 29, 2018

Abigail's First Litter at 5 weeks old.

ABIGAIL'S first litter is growing fast.  And this week will mark 5 weeks of them growing and getting cuter and doing all their firsts.  And they are loving their first taste of wet canned food.

This is my Blue Tabby.  Outgoing, friendly and sweet boy. 

This is my Colorpoint (SealPoint it looks like) . Chill, and playful, runs out to see me,

This is my Blue with White baby, see her ring around her tail?  Right under the tip of her tail.  My little girl is outgoing, runs to meet me at the door (already) and purrs up a storm.

This is my Brown/Black Tabby Boy.  Powerhouse of cute and adventurous.  And loves to be held.

This is my Blue with White Boy.  He looks so much like his sister, except the white on his tail is a long swipe of white not just the singular ring like his sister.  These two are so much like twins, I am glad one is a girl and one is a boy.

This is my ColorPoint  Boy....He is quick, playful, very friendly and has Garreth's white paws and white around his nose and mouth.

I have been VERY fortunate with this litter.  They all love people and run to meet me and come when I call "here baby,baby,baby"    They also purr and love to be petted.

These six babies are ready for adoption right now.  Wouldn't it be cool if the two Blue with White (one girl and one boy) went to the same home and the  two ColorPoints (one girl and one boy) went to the same home and even if the two Tabby boys went to the same home?!.  That would be the most fun, fantastic story I could tell one day.  Hahahaha.  I wonder what kind of discounts would make that happen???  I would be willing................(smile)

If you have the love in your heart and the space in your home and want one (or more) of these babies to fill the void, contact me at Cherished Siberians 540-727-8950   or email at
A $200. non refundable deposit holds your baby until you take them home.  The deposit goes toward your total of $1500. per kitten.  If you adopt two there is a $100. discount.
Please contact me soon.  And I will be letting you know who are still available as the little ones get adopted along the way.

Have a great day and stay dry during this next rainy week. From Culpeper, Va.  Good bye for now.

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