Thursday, April 5, 2018

These are more fun pictures of all 8 kittens of Dreamer's and Sophia's all in the Birthing box together.  They still refuse to leave each other.  And the kittens all seem happy with the arrangement, so why upset everybody??  I let them all be together.

I just realized Sophia isn't in the box in any of these pictures, but that is where she usually is as well.

Look at the box full of peering eyes.  So cute.

So these are just for fun.  Not for identifying which kitten you want, but if you see them in there with the other pictures posted earlier, just let me know.  (smile)
Sophia's Colorpoint Girl is spoken for , but the Black Boy is still available.  I have only EVER had ONE other Black kitten since I started breeding.  So his is my special little boy.  He is very sweet.

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