Thursday, April 5, 2018

Dreamer's Baby pictures.

You may now pick your desired baby from the litter of 6 that Dreamer had.

This is a little boy.  He will be a Lynx Point, looks like Blue to me now.
Please everyone, bear with me as I am still discerning the correct sexes of the kittens and guessing at the final coloring.  It is soooo soon to tell.

This one is a little girl.  Sweet, and such a creamy color.  I believe she too will be a Blue Lynx Point.

A little boy, I think we actually got 3 and 3 this litter. Nice ear spacing on this little guy...look at that!

This one seems to be a little boy.  His ears are darker, he may end up being a Seal Lynx Point.  Time will tell.

This is a little girl.  Very Blue eyes, this one has, crystal clear.

A Little boy, a bit bigger than the other.  Healthy guy. (smile)

And lastly another little girl.
Now remember, it is still early and I may have to change what I thought about the sexes as they age, but I THINK I have it right .  Of course their wellness visit at the Vet will be definitive.  But I should be able to tell for absolutely sure by 5-6 weeks of age.
I hope this helps you to choose your baby and you contact me as soon as you know which one you identify with.  I can be reached at 540-727-8950. they are $1500. each and they are healthy and beautiful.  A $200. (NR) deposit can hold your baby until you pick them up, and it goes toward your total.
Have fun with the pictures from Cherished Siberians  in Culpeper, Va.

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