Thursday, April 26, 2018

Pictures of Dreamer's 6

On the 5th I took these photos of the kittens on the couch.  And too much has been happening and I didn't get them posted .


And to be honest, I forget who is who in these early pictures.

But they are still cute to see how they grew in a few short weeks.

So  I took some  more photos and their colorings and differences are more noticeable. And these were taken on the 18th.

This is Dreamer and Sophia together in the two birthing boxes side-by-side.

And these pictures are adorable and starting to show how much they are growing and being real kittens and playful.


These are of my Blue Point Boy

He is a little shy, but coming out of it quickly.  He was really relaxed as I snapped his photo, and then I got some rubbing and petting in and he seemed to really love it and just settled in for some loving.

 This is my little girl. A Blue Point with white paws. She is delicate and playful.

Not the best picture ever, is it?

These are a little better.  And there's Dreamer laying with the kittens on the living room rug.

Some, not so good of the Blue Point Boy.  I will have to get more tomorrow or the next day. Sorry.
Here's Hoko with the babies on the other side of the room.  They all share the room and feed each other's babies and do pretty good.
Here  is the little girl with white on her muzzle and feet.  She is a Blue Point.

The little girl with the dark nose area.  She is a Seal Point.

And the little girl with the soulful eyes  (smile)  She is so cute.




The dark muzzled little girl is Bella and she has been adopted. 
And one Blue Point boy has been adopted.
And that brings us to Sophia's two kittens. The little girl has been adopted and I have a little Black Boy .  And I will have their updated pictures for you tomorrow/
In the Meantime.......HOKO has had her 6 little ones.
And I do her justice by giving her her own blog spot next.
Thank you from Cherished Siberians in
Culpeper, Va.




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