Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hoko's litter is growing up.

Oh, Good Morning.  We were just having our breakfast.  We are learning to eat  solid, wet foods and we really LOVE it.  When Miss Doreene comes in and says "babies, babies, babies,"  we all come RUNNING because we know we are going to get our food.  I am Hoko's  Blue Tabby girl looking at you and I am looking for a home.  All my brothers and sisters have found homes.  I am very hopeful.

This is my sister, she's also a Blue Tabby, but she doesn't have the fluffy coat like I  and my brother have.  But she is sweet and friendly and playful.  She has very loving parents who can't wait until she gets to go home with them.

My brother is a Bluepoint,  excuse him, he is still licking his lips from the meal.  He is a very chill guy.  We all coax him to play, but once he gets started he can outpounce the best of us.  haha.

 This is my other brother who looks just like me, it is so hard to tell us apart.  Good thing one is a boy and one is a girl.  We are both Blue Tabby and have very fluffy coats. Running, playing, and sleeping is what we do best.

This is my Black Tabby sister.  She has a home and they love the white under her chin. She loves climbing and is very bold, she's the first one out whenever anyone comes into the room and calls for "kittens, kittens".

And this is me.  I am one of two who look so much alike , no one seems to be able to tell us apart.
I love to play with our play area baby activity set, and run and hide and climb on the kitty stand that you saw my Black Tabby sister on.  We can look out the window from there too. OOOOhhh, big scary stuff outside that window.  But very interesting.

     So, it was good to talk to you today, but I want to finish my breakfast before they all eat it up and I don't get any.  oh  goody ,  yum, yum, yum.

Well, while they are finishing their breakfasts, if any one is interested in the Blue Tabby girl, please contact Cherished Siberians.   And have a great weekend.

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