Thursday, November 26, 2015

Maliha's litter update and Hoko's kittens

Good morning.  I woke up early and can't get back to sleep.  Don't you hate when that happens?
     But that gives me time to bring news to you.   Diego, the Cream Tabby of Maliha's has found a home and also Gracie, my retired queen.  So they will be going home with their new mommy today. And Kobe, Maliha's  Flame Point boy is staying with me for an extra 2 weeks until his parents pick him up.  But he is adopted.

And now  Hoko's little ones are gearing up to go home as well.  They will get their first vaccinations this week and go to the Vet for their wellness visit and be ready for their new homes.  They are all doing very well. All 5 of Hoko's litter have now found homes.
 Our Blue Tabby girl,

 and Black Tabby girl,
 And Blue Tabby boy,

 And Blue Tabby girl
 And playful Blue Lynx Point boy.
 A playful couple with one under the amoire coming out to attack,  (sorry a little out of focus)
 Here's kitties play central.  With one adventurous kitty doing pull ups on the hammock.
 Playing and sleeping allowed on the playcenter.
     I can't quite believe that all these babies are almost ready to be leaving Cherished Siberians and head out for their new homes and families. I have no kittens left.  So I hope people will call and get put on my waiting list for when Maliha and Hoko have their next litters.  And eventually Kassie will be old enough to start having litters too.  She looks like she will have beautiful kittens as well. I think the house will be lonely until new kittens arrive.
      And I hope all the kittens' new parents will send updated pictures.  I will have to have another blog with pictures sent from homes of grown or growing kittens.  I've  gotten quite a few and they get into all sorts of trouble. (haha) And got caught on camera doing it, one on top of their cat scratch post, one in flower beds , one being a couch potato,....too many to name, just going to have to do a page with them all. (smile)  It's always fun to revisit, right?
     So have a bright and sunny,  wonderful day today.

And have fun with and share the pictures from today with all who love cats and kittens everywhere.

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