Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Hello from /Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  It has been pretty mellow as far as temperature outdoors is concerned.  I've been enjoying being outside a good bit.

 This is Kobe (kobee) and he is a beautiful Flame Point male.  He has a wonderful family waiting to pick him up soon.

 And this is Diego,the Cream Tabby,  his family had a change in circumstances and cannot get him after all, and so he is still available for adoption. More pictures of him in a bit.

 And the only little princess of the litter.  Sophia.  She loves hangin' around the excercise equipment.  But her gaze is on my gardening hat that the kittens have used to play in, on and all over.  I'm afraid it's done for...sort of shredded in areas. lol.

And the little girl who got this fellow named him "Purple", because when she was very little she had an invisible cat named "Purple".  I was also told that purple in Dutch is "pur pur". (I hope I got that all correct)  But it sure was a cute story of the name "Purple".

 Maliha is the mom of these 4.  She is doing very well.  One of her best deliveries and in the best health afterwards.  She is my baby always and we hang out together in my room a lot.

 Another shot of Kobe.  He was so photographical this day.

 This is a cute one with Kassie, who is twice their age, but thinks she is just one of the litter.

 And Diego playing.  He is a good jumper. And very rambunctious.

 And he seems to be smiling.  Such a cutie  bug.

 This was a gorgeous shot.  Really shows off his white underbelly and his white socks.  And he has a cute little white tip on his tail.

 And here his is almost asleep.  I know I am showcasing him, but he is the only one still available.  Why?  I don't know, the family couldn't take him after all.  They didn't tell why and it wasn't any of my business, so he is now available for you to snap him up.

 Oh  my poor garden hat.

 And our little princess.  This shot is a little dark.  My curtains were drawn.

And here she is a little blurry, but she was so cute.  She is hard to get a good picture of . I don't know why, I just don't seem to get my camera to work just when she sits still for a second. lol.
This might be a little bit clearer.  She is so beautiful though.
 And here is "Purple" playing with a cat wand.  He is very intent on playing with it.

 Here he is again.  He has little white paws and a white tip on his tail too.

And he finally noticed I was taking pictures of him.  He is a Blue Lynx Point.

So these are the guys going home this Saturday.  And hopefully Diego will find his new home as well.
Stay dry tomorrow, it is supposed to thunderstorm.  eeek.  No really I don't mind thunder storms.  Have a great week end everybody.

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