Saturday, February 25, 2023

DREAMER's Kittens Adopted

Hello,  I seem to have generated a lot of interest in DREAMER's babies.  I did have to go through my waiting list and I went through a LOT of it getting these 5 adopted.  Many had reasons why they could not adopt at this time, or had already adopted elsewhere, had a baby, bought a puppy, not in the country any more, etc.  SO, with these 5 adopted now I am really down on my waiting list to about 20 people or so.  But more call or text to be added every other day or so.  So if anyone is interested, please go to and send your name, address, phone number and e-mail to be added to the waiting list.  Without all 4 pieces of information you are not added. It is great when ones give me information about themselves and the potential home life for one of my babies, as well as the request to be put on the waiting list.

   So these are the latest pictures I have of these 5.

DREAMER is still being all "nervous nellie" about me handling the babies and getting individual photos, I may need to get her into a carrier so I can get some shots and then let her back out.  We'll see how the next week goes.

All of DREAMER's kittens are adopted at this time.  And ABIGAIL is showing signs of being pregnant, so I really hope she is.  The next three or four weeks should tell me positively.  If so she would be delivering the 2nd week of April, or thereabouts.  So no worries others on my waiting list, more are coming soon. (smile)

Enjoy the pictures and I will try to get the individual pictures soon.

Have a wonderful and crazy weather week... Lol.... 80 one day and 43 the next  it's a wonder more people aren't getting colds.  But stay well,  keep warm and happy til my next post. 

Doreene Richmond

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