Thursday, October 13, 2022

ABIGAIL's Kittens are Growing Nicely

      True to ABIGAIL's litters, these 7 kittens are friendly and outgoing and run to greet me when I come in the door and try to follow me out.  They are the best!!

     Let's meet them......


The Blue Tabby (turned out to be with white) I had thought at first she was solid grey.

The Bluepoint W/White girl .

This is the Black Tabby W/White girl. (with the white shoulder.)

My rare little solid Black girl.

I've got to figure out better lighting to capture her best pictures.  But she is a cutie.

The Blue W/White girl

And my single, solitary little boy Colorpoint, pretty sure he will be a Sealpoint.  Notice his dark paws, so easy to tell him apart from the girl.

And my Black W/White Tabby girl.

And now watch them play, sorry I'm in so many of the pictures, but they all just want to be ON me if I am in the room.  They are just the most loving bunch of kittens ever. (smile)

I was trying real hard to get even one picture with all 7 in it at the same time, but that proved to be impossible.  They move too quickly ( which is why some are blurred)   But they are fun kittens, healthy and growing just fine.  And they have already started eating wet foods, started early on that.  But they are trying to use the litter box as well.  I hope they perfect that REAL soon.

   Hope you enjoyed the gallery and sorry it took so long to get new pictures.  DREAMER's kittens have all gone home now, and that took a lot of my time.  But we've got these pictures now.   ENJOY.

ABIGAIL's kittens are all ADOPTED.

Next litters will be next year after my girls rest and recoup and are healthy enough to have a "date" with GARRETH again.

Thank you for visiting my blog.. It's been fun.

Doreene Richmond

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