Wednesday, April 14, 2021



THIS IS ABIGAIL  {and daughter]

ABIGAIL's lone little girl.  She belongs to D. H.
This is the Black W/ White Tabby boy.  He belongs to D.E.
And next to him is the Blue W/White boy.  He belongs to B. C.

This Sealpoint W/ White boy belongs to M. A.

The Black boy belongs to C. K.


This is the darker Bluepoint boy.  He does not have white on his paws. And he is with the Black W/ White Tabby boy.

This little boy belongs to J. Y.  

The Colorpoint and the Flamepoints always keep their blue eyes their whole lives.  

Sorry I am in so many of the pictures, but I was on the floor with them when I just had some great shots and ability to get some pictures.

Hope you enjoy the babies' pictures.  

These little ones go home May 8th.  They still have to go to the Vet and I still have to give them their vaccinations. They have to get a little older for the  vaccines .

So, that is all for now.

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville,Va 22567


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  1. These pictures are great! We are looking forward to meeting our little boy. We love seeing pictures as they grow older.