Wednesday, November 4, 2020

HONEY's Litter Gearing up to Go Home

 Honey's litter is ready to go home the weekend of November 14th.  And on November 6th they will all  go to their wellness visit to the Vet.  I have implemented a system that is virtually "no contact" for pickup times for kittens. So everyone can stay safe and well.

Here are some fun pictures of these little guys.


These were from October 9th.

This little girl says: "Look at our new toy, we love going in through this house."

These were from  October 29.

these last ones were actually taken October 19th.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing your little babies.  ALL of HONEY's Kittens ARE ADOPTED.
  And we look forward to seeing you on the 14th or your appointment for getting your baby home.
Enjoy your day, Doreene Richmond from Cherished Siberians in Unionville, Va.

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