Friday, January 10, 2020


GOOD MORNING.    Shocking, but GOOD news.  I have sold the house in Culpeper, and am relocating slightly South off  Rt. 522 in Unionville.  We have found a route that is only 20 minutes from the location in Culpeper.  So the distance impact will  not be too much on anybody.  And may be slightly closer to the North Carolina clients.
     This move will be so good for the cats too. I was so limited with what I could do living in town.  And this property will let me give the cats SO much more.  Even a way for them to have a little "catio" outside so they can enjoy the sunshine as well.
     The new address is 23292 Hawfield Rd. Unionville, Va 22567
 The phone number is 540-445-0630.  As of February we should be moving in and trying to get settled.
     So, no surprise, I will not be able to do allergy visitations for a while.  When the next set of kittens are born and old enough, I will resume visits. No one is pregnant at present.which is probably best,  as stress, such as caused by a move, could potentially cause them to lose a pregnancy.
So, for that reason, I am glad no one is expecting a litter at this time.
     I am hoping everybody will be happy for me and for the cats and kittens at Cherished Siberians. I hope to keep giving you the quality in pets, and even better now, that you have come to expect.
     For now, have a fabulous day and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather on Saturday, it is supposed to be 70. Wow, in January, that is crazy, but I will be enjoying that day for sure.
          THANK YOU ALL for the support and love of my kittens and the beautiful pictures and updates you send.  I love seeing my old buddies again.  And seeing how you love and spoil them. (smile)

Doreene Richmond Cherished Siberians

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