Sunday, May 5, 2019

HONEY's LITTER with Pictures

 This is HONEY.  This is HONEY's litter of babies.

These are HONEY's babies rolling around and playing.  Play, babies, play.

 See HONEY's babies play with the ball.

Roll the ball babies, roll the ball.

 Here are 5 babies in a huddle.  The Flamepoint boy is asleep underneath.

Such cute little babies of HONEY's.

 This is the Blue with White girl in HONEY's litter.  Notice the white under her neck and on her paws. 

Here's the brood.

This is a little Sealpoint boy. and he is adopted.

This is the Flamepoint boy.  And he is adopted.

This is the Blue with White boy and he is adopted.

OK, I messed up and need to get another picture or two of this little girl.  I didn't realize my pictures didn't turn out of her.  And even this one is blurry. But she is adopted.  I will get good pictures of her and repost on this blogpost and replace  this singular blurry picture.  Sorry.

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