Sunday, May 5, 2019

DREAMER's Litter with Pictures

 This is DREAMER and 5 little snowballs.

DREAMER is very protective of her little babies.

But she is still a curious little girl, yet herself.

DREAMER really loves her brood.  She cuddles with them all day long still.

They are a little bit older now.  They are the youngest litter in the household.  And haven't ventured out of the birthing box yet.

This busy, and curious little girl has been adopted.

This little boy of DREAMER's  is available.  He is darling and cute.

 This Creamy,  dreamy Colorpoint girl has been adopted.


This ruddy little boy of DREAMER's is available.

 This little girl didn't want to cooperate on the little pink chair to get a good picture of her, so I had to hold her up to the camera.  This little wiggle-wort is adopted.

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