Thursday, July 20, 2017

Good Day from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  It is so hot outside.  I brought Garreth into the house with the air conditioning.  His little cottage outside isn't air conditioned.  But he loves his little house and his "catio" so he can look around outside.

The first picture above is of   "Snowy".  She is available for adoption.  She is from Hoko's litter.

This is "Snowy"  with her brother "Billy"  who is also available for adoption.  And if they can go to a home together, I will give a discount of $200.00 .  But they are also available separately, if you wish.
They are wonderful, playful and the best of friends.  They also like to play with their Aunts from Hoko's previous litter.

These are their Aunts, " Sophia", on the left, and "Dreamer" on the right.  They are going to be my new breeders with Garreth next year.  They are already showing motherly tendencies toward Hoko's little ones.

These are two of Maliha's kittens.  "Honey" is on the left and "Precious" is on the right.  "Precious"  is ready to be adopted and taken home.  He is a wonderful boy, full of fun and loving purrs.  And he loves just hangin' out on the chairs.

This is "Precious"  playing with a rocking toy I got from PetsMart.  It has little bells and a feathery bird on it.  They all get a kick out of trying to get the balls out of the bottom.

Hello, "Precious",  What are you up to?  Looks like you are very curious about something.

This is "Abigail" from Maliha's litter.

And my favorite picture of  "Honey".   These two will also become my new breeders when they are old enough.  They will also be able to breed with Garreth when the time arrives.

Have fun with your toy "Precious"  And soon you will have your new home and new family.  Call soon to take him home with you.

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