Friday, October 2, 2015

New Pictures of Hoko's Litter with their eyes opened, and Maliha's Litter older and cuter.

 Here are some very cute  pictures of Hoko's litter and their eyes are almost opened.  One or two of them just have little slits open and some are open pretty good.  It is a rainy dreary day and the pictures aren't crystal clear, but I wanted to share some pictures with you.
 Hoko's litter was born on the 23rd of  September, so they are closing in on 2 weeks old.
There are 3 Blue Tabbys 2 girls, one boy,  The boy is spoken for.  And there is a Black Tabby girl. She is looking backward at the moment.  And a Colorpoint boy kinda hiding in the background.

Here is the Blue Tabby girl, the Black Tabby girl, The Blue Tabby boy ( spoken for)  Blue Tabby girl, and  a Colorpoint boy.
And they would all like to have a home.  Please call Cherished Siberians at 540-727-8950.  If I cannot answer, please leave your name and phone number (saying the number slowly please) and I WILL call back.  
Maliha's kittens can go home November 21st;
Hoko's kittens can go home December 2nd.
What a nice way to tell someone you love them, give them a warm, fuzzy friend who purrs.

 These are obviously Maliha's litter, with their wide open eyes and trying to walk on their shaky little legs.    The front row are the Bluepoint boy and the beautiful Flamepoint boy.

The Cream (almost brown) boy is gorgeous with a light neck and chest area and lighter paws.  The Black Torbie girl is spoken for and is adorable times ten. (smile)  Then there is the Bluepoint boy and the  Flamepoint boy.

The Cream (almost Brown) boy and the Black Torbie girl.

The three boys.  All available right now.  They'd like to call you Mommy or Daddy.

All four of them looking adorable and cuddly.  And they purr really loud when they are nursing.

Let's see what trouble we can get into together.  (not much, they can barely wobble on their little legs yet)
  Hopefully you see your dream baby in the pictures and you can call me or E-mail me for your choice and put a deposit down to  make sure the baby is yours.
    I hope you enjoyed all the pictures.  They are so sweet and cute.  I love them so much.
Keep checking in with Cherished Siberians.  We have a lot of activity going on here.

   Soon I am going to post pictures of my newest breeder (to replace Gracie)  She is 15 weeks old now and Maliha has adopted her as her own.  I am so happy for that.  They can be friends and be together like mother and daughter all the time.  Couldn't have asked for a better outcome.
  Until then, try to stay warm and dry.  And think catty thoughts....but the good kind of catty. (smile)

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