Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Introducing Kassie (Kassandra)

 Hello, I am Kassie, and I am Cherished Siberians' newest breeder.  At least I will be when I get older.

 I enjoy playing on my cat stand and with my toys here.

 My adopted Mom, Maliha is here with her new litter of 4.  But when I came in, Maliha treated me like her own kitten and washes me and lets me get into the box with her little ones and my human mom has to take me out when I want to play too rough with the little babies.

I have a friend here that I love to play with and run up and down the stairs and chase.  His name is Toby,  he's a lot older than me, but we play a lot during the day.

Oooops,  I'm still learning the rules here.  One is I'm not supposed to tear up the furniture.  I have scratching posts and places I can dig my nails.  Why does the couch and chairs feel so much better though???
     Well, it was very nice to meet all of you.   But I'm ready for a nap now.  Come back to see us at Cherished Siberians on the blogspot ,  I know my human mom is planning to put more baby pictures up soon.  (I'll be glad when they are out of here and everyone's attention can be on ME where I feel like it is supposed to be!)  Ooooops, I'm also supposed to be nice...so forget I said that.

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