Friday, May 1, 2015

Hoko's litter of 6

Here is Hoko with her six next to my bed, where they stayed until a few days ago when I changed the out to the living room and brought Maliha and her 3 into my room.  The six needed room to roam and play and the three will be going home this weekend.  So it seemed to make sense.

 They are getting bigger and since they have been in the living room they have really opened up to running and playing and hiding.  The favorite of all the kittens' litters I have had is hiding in the drawers of a huge armoire that I bought from my Dad's estate that belonged to my great great great Aunts.  Every litter finds their way in through the back into the drawers and sleep and stay warm.  It is so cute.  And surprises everyone when they come in and I open a drawer to get kittens.  (lol)

I need to get individualized pictures of these little guys, so I will be able to show them to you better.  They all have homes now and I don't have any available kittens until a next litter comes along.  Hopefully that won't be too long away.
   If any of you families have names picked out for your kittens , please let me know so that I may start calling them their name and they will know it by the time you pick them up to go home.  Otherwise I do have to make up a name for them to go to their Vet.  But that is ok too, as everyone changes their name once they go home.

     So until I get more pictures, Cherished Siberians wishes you well and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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