Monday, May 25, 2015

Hoko's 6 will be going home soon.

GOOD MORNING  ALL!    It has been gorgeous weather lately.  And I'm eating out of my garden.  Yum.   But today is the first day of the week Hoko's kittens can go home.  The 28th is the day they turn 10 weeks old.  So I have some excited families coming in.  Here are some sweet memories of these little ones.

 These gals and guys are ready for some fun today.

 Wow  the sun was so bright through the window today,  we cannot see this little ones face too good.  But doesn't mom look proud of her brood?!

 Hangin' around on the couch.

 Hey, what is that whirly thing hanging from the ceiling going around and around?

All six of us just hanging out in the living room and having fun playing together.

 Hey,  good climbing sis.

 Ok, who's next?  Will I be the next brave climber of the couch?

 Uh oh, I  feel a nap coming on.

 NEAT-O,  A feathery toy to demolish in no time flat.

 Hey, that feathery toy can really fly.

 Oh well, that got boring fast, let's go find something else to get into.

 What?  I didn't hear anyone scream.  We're hugging, not fighting.

 We really are thinking of taking our naps now.  Will you read us a story?

 Yeah, that one wasn't very believable.  Read a different one.

 Hey guys do you really want to nap or go play with the ball?

Probably just nap.

So, they will sleep a little, play a little, eat a little, and wait for their families to pick them up and take them home for some REAL bonding time.  GOOD KITTENS.

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