Friday, July 25, 2014

Hello from Cherished Siberians on July 25th.  Maliha had her kittens on the morning of the 24th and she has 7 kittens.  And they are all wiggly and eating and healthy.  Not ONE light colored kitten in the bunch.   Nor any reds.  There are two black tabbies and the rest are variations of blue tabbies.  A couple have torbie markings.   As always, I'm giving her a day or two before I try to get pictures.  But they will be on the blog in a couple of days.  One boy and one girl have been adopted.  And again , I'll post how many boys and girls as soon as I check and double check so I can be pretty sure of who is who (smile).  Sometimes it's hard to tell.  After the birth I thought I had 2 boys and the rest girls, but today it looks like I misread.  So I want to be able to have time to sort it all out before I tell the wrong tail (tale)  heehee.
     Thank you for keeping up with the blog, and I will contact those who were interested first and others my still call as I had a larger litter than expected.  Mommy seems fine today.  Much more relaxed than yesterday, that's for sure.
      So that's it from Culpeper, Va. for today.  I hope you are well and doing fine.

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