Monday, July 8, 2019

Kitten Availability Update

Hello All,

This lighter colored kitten is WILL.  WILL is UNAVAILABLE.


The darker featured kitten with the darker face is BILL.  He is AVAILABLE.

These two are from DREAMER's litter. 

And  this is Roman.  He is AVAILABLE.  
Look at him on my table where he KNOWS he is NOT supposed to be.

    So, I am SUPER excited that I have learned how to post a video on the blog.  I am planning to have a lot of fun with that feature.  (smile)

    I have only TWO  kittens left available.  Anya went home today.  Leo is going to North Carolina.  And the other kitten going home is Will.  
                                     SO.....that leaves Bill  from DREAMER's litter available, and Roman from HOKO's litter available.
And with videos now, I am sure they will find their new homes super fast.  I hope I can do many videos for you now.  I am going to have fun playing with this in the future....for sure.

For now, this is from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.
Please call 540-727-8950
Or e-mail to adopt one of the two kittens available.  Or both together, that would be fantastic for them to have a buddy right from the start.

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