Friday, November 9, 2018

KITTENS update

Good morning from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  I hope everyone is faring well through all the rain and flooding we have been experiencing.

I have a few updates on the kittens availabiliy:

ANDY from ABIGAIL's litter is still available, and I am willing to give a $300. discount for him so he can find a loving home.  He is not shy anymore.  I have been working with him a lot. And now he jumps on the bed to be petted because he is jealous that I am petting his Mom. LOL.  He is beautiful and feels like cotton candy, he is SO soft.

  He likes to find little cubby areas to sit and play and hang out.  He is fun loving and playful!!!!

And Sophia's boy was snatched up the moment he was born, LOL.  He goes home tomorrow.

HONEY's little ones are all gone now except for LARK.  And he is the most darling one of all!!!!
 He is gorgeous, playful, purring(est) of them all. He climbs in my lap and purrs away while watching TV,  He runs to the door to meet me, he is friendly, outgoing and ready to please.

And then in DREAMER's litter, the little boy "Dimitri" is spoken for.  The Darker muzzled little girl may have a home,  they will let me know their decision soon.  I call her "Tina",  And the white paws, Seal Point girl is still available.  They will be old enough to go home the 29th of November.

This is TINA

This is Dimitri,  he is going home soon.

Here is Dimitri in the far left background, with Sherry in the middle and Tina next to Mama.

Dimitri in the background, Tina on the right and  Sherry in the middle forefront.

 The trio of trouble. lol.

Both girls possibly available.

Which leaves us with Hoko's 5.

There are 2 boys and 3 girls in this litter.   All Colorpoints.  All still available.
And all extremely friendly and sociable.  yay!!!

So that's about it for the kittens right now.  

No new ones on the way yet. My girls deserve a very needed rest.

Hope your day is a lovely one.

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