Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gracie's Kittens are eating solid food

Good Morning from Culpeper, and Cherished Siberians.  We are trying to stay warm and cozy in this wintery weather we are being thrown.  Brrr.
     Gracie's kittens are eating solid foods and are learning their litter training very well and are playing and getting into things VERY well. (smile)  All get A++ report cards.

Everyone is eating their wet food and loving it.  And , as always, Mom is ever watchful over her brood.  If they play too hard and someone is crying out, she intervenes, and as they eat ... well she's just waiting for leftovers , truth be told.

     But doesn't Mom look healthy and beautiful?  She has every reason to be a proud Mama with these 5.  They are developing and coming along on time with all their developments and  seem very happy.

     So very busy with their little activities.  And they come running over when I come into the room, so they are getting socialized and happy to be around humans.  They are really cute.

   OH YES....I was not thinking correctly when I put their original going home time out there.  Dec. 2 they were their going home date is actually  FEB. 11th.  I don't know what I did to calculate into March.  Sorry about that.  But your babies can come home much sooner than I originally stated.
     Have a great day.  And stay warm. 

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