Thursday, December 4, 2014

Gracie's Surprise

Would you believe that Gracie's due date was off a bit and she delivered 5 beautiful kittens the night of Tuesday the 2nd.  She is doing well and the kittens are healthy and wiggly and squeaky and doing very well.  One cream colored boy, one colorpoint girl, one either colorpoint or flamepoint (time will tell) boy, one blue girl with white on her face, and one blue boy..
     Now I need to contact all those who have called in the last 3 months looking for kittens (there were 18 people) and only 5 kittens, so I have to let you know these kittens are probably spoken for.  But, if everyone has already found kittens elsewhere, I shall definitely let you know on this blog.

 So here are some pictures of the new babies.  Grainy, but I can do better when they are older. They are about the size of your thumb from tip to the wrist bone.  So cute .

So, from Cherished Siberians I  close today with a happy smile for having another beautiful, healthy litter.    Yeay.

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