Friday, April 4, 2014

I have pictures of the flame point boy and the black and white tabby of Maliha's litter.  These two still need homes.  And they are adorable, aren't they?  I've got to come up with names for all 6 before I can take them to the vet for their wellness check.  That should be fun.  Naming them takes time because we like to name some of them according to their personalities.  My daughter has taught me that. 
He has blue eyes.  The camera caused a red look in the bottom picture.  But he will keep his blue eyes his whole life.  And his look really really blue .  I like the deep blue eye color.

My daughter has gotten a new camera and she is having fun with it.  I love it when she takes nicer pictures of the kittens than I could ever get with my Iphone. (haha)     And here a couple of shots with Maliha and her whole brood.  I have since put them into the living room where they have lots of room to frolic and play.  All over the cat stands and under tables and they love it there.  I brought Gracie and her 4 into my room because they still have a couple of weeks before they are going to be running all around.

Cherished Siberians is definitely very busy these days.  AND  Hoko IS pregnant.  So in about 5-6 weeks we'll have more little kittens to show and tell.
     Stay tuned...same cat time...same cat channel.

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