Thursday, April 9, 2020

HONEY's Litter Have Their Eyes Open

     These are HONEY's babies I took pictures of on April 5th.  Mostly they are all together in their box with their Mommy.
 We can clearly see the girl with the question mark on her forhead next to the Colorpoint girl who seems to be kissing the paw of the Calico girl , sleeping face to face with her sister Calico. The other Blue and White girl is tucked up under Mama drinking.
 Little eyes opening from naps.
 Bright eyed and sweet expressions.

 I love how they are curled up and then start stretching as they wake kup.
 Blissful sleeper.
 Colorpoint girl stretching.
 Small Blue and White looking at the Calico girl sleeping.
 Two Calico  girls starting to wake up and stretch.
 Blue andWhite girl with Colorpoint girl.
 Blue with white girl eyes open, but still needing to open completely.

 Calico girl stretching as she wakes up.
Blue and White girl awake and trying to move around.

They were still quite small and very young. 
One last posting of HONEY's coming up........

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