Saturday, May 9, 2020

HONEY's Baby Pictures

I don"t  know what happened to the rest of my blog post, my last pictures and my message didn't make it on to the post.  Maybe they have a limit on how long a post can be.  Oh well, I will send the last 5 pictures I had had at the end.....

These are one each of the 6 babies.   These are the shots that seem to really capture the babies. It took DAYS to get these pictures.  It literally take 100's of photos to get a few good shots to share.  But sometimes you get the one that says "Hey, I am special."  And they ARE. Every one of them.
   I know you are anxious to pick your babies up June 3rd.
Doreene Richmond
Cherished Siberians

HONEY's Baby pictures

Hello all, I have new pictures of HONEY's Babies too.
Please remember ALL of HONEY's BABIES HAVE HOMES.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Some new pictures of DREAMER's Little Ones

 This is why it is so hard  to get pictures of DREAMER's babies,  she has them under a chair.
 So, I have to try to get a shot or two through the rungs.
 These two came out clear and cute.
 Here are three, but a little blurry.
 This one seems to be in the  forefront of all the shots.  (haha)

I am holding this one up.  Cute , lighter colored dark nose. Whiter face than the one above.  This one is a girl, I believe.

 A little boy.

A girl.

 A girl.

 A boy.

And the dark nosed one who wants to be photographed. (smile)

Not much still.  I understand.  But this is so odd the way DREAMER is acting toward these kittens.  So I am allowing her to have her space for the time being.

Hope it help ( a little)

Doreene Richmond
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