Thursday, September 24, 2020

HONEY's Kittens at 3 Weeks

 Honey is keeping a tight hold on these 6 babies, she doesn't want them out of the box!  Although she doesn't mind me holding the little ones.  Especially if I feed her treats or nibbles in the box while I am taking pictures of them. (smile)  I have my wily ways with my girls....haha.

  Here are pictures I took yesterday as they are approaching the 3 week mark.

Cream Tabby boy.  Belongs to H.J.

This is the Colorpoint Boy....He seems to be displaying Flamepoint colorings.  He is so cute, and fluffy.

He belongs to R. K.

The Classic Black/Brown Torbie (aka Calico)  Girl.  Calicos are almost ALWAYS girls. If you have a Calico Male it is extremely rare.  She belongs to R. and K. H.

The Colorpoint boy with the dark ears.  He may be Bluepoint or Sealpoint.  It is going to take a little longer for me to discern that.  He is Adopted by M. P.

Colorpoint girl with the spots markings on her back.  She looks like Sealpoint to me as of now.

She is adopted by J. S.

Which leaves the Cream Tabby W/White boy.  I am currently going down my Waiting list to find his adoption parents now.  He is the biggest boy with a nice strong head and shoulders to him.  He is going to be a beauty when he is grown.  

Hope you enjoy your pictures.  And I will try to keep  getting pictures for every litter.  Dreamer is due to deliver this weekend.  I thought it was last weekend, but I miscalculated,  When I recounted the days, I messed up.

Have Fun, Stay Safe,  Enjoy the mellow weather

 .Doreene Richmond

Cherished Siberians


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HONEY's Babies

 HONEY's babies have their eyes opened now.  And they are 2 weeks old now.  Only 2 are remaining to be adopted and I am trying to reach those on my waiting list.  It is going slowly when ones don't respond one way or the other and I must wait a few days to make sure there is no response, before moving on to the next one on my list.  To those who DID tell me not to wait on them... I thank you.


This Calico girl is getting her eyes more open now.  She is a big girl.  She is ADOPTED.

This Colorpoint boy is doing very well in the open eyed department. (smile)  And he is ADOPTED.  

This is a  Colorpoint boy and he is ADOPTED.

This Cream Tabby is a boy and is doing great.  He is ADOPTED.



This Cream TabbyW/White  is a boy and I am still calling my waiting list to find him a home.  I still have about 46 on my waiting list.  I am sure it won't be long now. 

this little girl has amazing markings, like little brownish circles on her back.  I have never seen this before.  It is so unusual.  And I find it rather cute.  She is ADOPTED.

These pictures were taken at 2 weeks and I now have 3 weeks blog , please....

Saturday, September 12, 2020

ABIGAIL's Kittens

 ABIGAIL's kittens are almost 5 weeks old already!  How did that go so fast?  They are eating wet foods now and are trying to be litter trained.  They do pretty good, but SOMEBODY is going right NEXT to the box. They are new at it.  They will get it soon.  Until then I am doing a lot of cleaning.   

   I go in and call "here babies, babies", and they all start coming out from under the couch and find their food and I sit on the floor.  When they are finished eating they, one by one, come over to me to climb on me and play and cuddle.  So they are already so socialized and good babies.  But ABIGAIL's are always friendly and loving kittens.

Here are a few fun pics I got over the last few days.

                                                                                 S.T's boy

                                                               N.R's boy
A.S's boy


                                                                       V.P's girl

B.G.'s girl in front

C.V.R.'s boy

K.H.'s boy

  I think next time I need to get one or two more of the Tuxedo kitten, but , this is pretty good features of the babies.  They are running all over the room playing now. Such good babies.

Have fun looking for your cuddle bunny here amongst the pictures. The last blog had K. K. under the picture, It was  really K. H.  Sorry for the mistake.

REMEMBER  all of ABIGAIL's kittens are adopted.

Doreene Richmond

Cherished Siberians

Unionville, Va