Tuesday, September 1, 2020

ABIGAIL's Kittens

      Good morning good readers,

    ABIBAIL's kittens are growing and blossoming.  Eyes opened and getting quite fat on mother's milk.  They try to run around their box and start mewing when I come in and say "hi babies".  They each want me to pick them up. And that is good.

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This is the Black W/ White boy, he was adopted, but is not anymore, I am still  trying to go down my Waiting List for his adoption.
This Little boy is our Blue W/ White and he is happily adopted.
This is our Classic Blue TabbyW/White  and he is adopted, as well.

This is our Colorpoint boy with a little blue on his nose.  He is adopted.

This little Colorpoint girl is happily adopted.  She has a dark nose

This little Colorpoint girl is lovingly adopted.  She is lighter and has a pink nose.

This little Colorpoint boy is adopted.

I will post these pictures for now. And I will try to get new individual pictures for each of you and label whose kitten is whose.  Although most of you already can tell. (smile)

They are all healthy, happy and growing.  Good news for all.

Enjoy and have a fabulous , safe and healthy day.

Cherished Siberians     Unionville,Va.


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