Thursday, April 9, 2020

ABIGAIL's pictures April 8th

 ABIGAIL's kittens are growing.  They are getting playful.

 This is ABIGAIL's only little girl.  A Classic Tabby.  She is AVAILABLE.

This is the Colorpoint with White.  He has white on his face and across his back and shoulders.  He has the sweetest looking face.   He is AVAILABLE

This little sweertheart is the only one with dark legs and tail.  He is so cute.  He is spoken for, he has a home.

This  Colorpoint boy has white on his paws.  And he is adorable.  He is spoken for and he has a home.

And this is #4 Colorpoint boy.   Smaller, but has the white paws and dark tail.  Cute as a button.  He is spoken for and he has a home.

 She was walking all over the room.

Kittens in a box.  Cute Cute Cute.

Thanks for watching.  Please contact Doreene Richmond at Cherished Siberians 540-854-6468.
Now located in Unionville,Va.

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