Friday, April 17, 2020

DREAMER's Litter is 7 days old.

Hello,  DREAMER is doing great and so are her 5 little kittens.  They are still too young to generate their own body heat, so it is very important for Mom to stay with them and keep them warm and fed.  And she is a great Mom.  She is doing all that and loving them too.

These 5 little babies are being carefully guarded by Mom.  No chance to get single pictures of them yet.  Not good ones. DREAMER keeps coming and putting them back in the box before I can get a good shot of them.  So that will, of course, have to wait.  You can't see any markings nor colors in them yet anyway.  They all look the same , white kittens with their eyes closed.  (smile) So I will put that on hold until they are able to be handled.

But that being said there have been a few calls about reserving these little ones, because these are the last 5 I have available as HONEY and ABIGAIL's litters all have homes now.
   If you are interested in one of these 5 before they are gone please call 540-445-0630.  I will be glad to answer questions or put your name on a wait list or talk to you about putting a deposit (nr) on one of these babies.  The deposit, of course, goes towards the total of the kitten.
Kittens are $1600. each and will come with a Health Record for you to take home and to your Vet. and the first set of vaccinations and be dewormed and be litter trained.
    Many have been asking if I spay and neuter before they go home.  10 weeks is WAY too early for any kitten to have this done healthily.   But Siberians mature so slowly that at 5 years of age they are still considered "kittens".  Because of this and the effect of hormones before and after the surgery, if it is done too early, can set your Siberian up for horrible diseases in their older years.  Hip displasia, severe arthritis complications, etc.  Painful for them and bad for your pocketbook too.  So, for Siberians, the prime time to spay and neuter is between 7 to 9 months of age. Don't worry , they won't be spraying yet.
     Upon showing me proof of your kittens spay or neuter, then I will mail you your  pedigree paperwork for your kitten.
   Thank you for watching the blog at Cherished Siberians, in Unionville, Va.
Have a great day.  And stay safe.
Doreene Richmond

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