Thursday, April 9, 2020

 I am posting past pictures of HONEY's litter from April 1st.  They still had their eyes closed.   But since circumstances didn't allow me to post them yet, I am still going to show them. (smile)

 Blue and White Baby #1  With a question mark type of marking on her head.

 Classic Brown/Black Tabby (Calico) #1

 2nd Classic  Brown/ Black Tabby

 #rd Classic Brown/ Black Tabby (Calico)

 2nd Blue and White girl

And this Colorpoint turns out to be a girl too.  It is the first time I have EVER had a litter with 6 females.  No males at all.  How unusual.

    And everyone has been smitten with these babies.  My next post will be of this litter with their eyes opened.


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