Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm happy to be back, w/ a photo of Hoko

Good Day,  Cherished Siberians is proud to show you a picture of Hoko, my new breeder girl who I kept from Grace's litter.  She is growing into such a friendly and beautiful girl.  And soft as a mink coat, just like her mother.  I just love petting her. (smile)

Wouldn't you know she'd like to chew on a bookmark I made with a saying like that.  She is hospitable and friendly too.  Wishing you a wonderful day.
I hope everyone has been doing well. Culpeper has had some wet weather, and some nicer days also.  The cats seem to have their moods accordingly as well.  Everyones' personality gets into the act.  Hoko, being young, of course, is just all play and getting on the older ones' nerves. It is funny to see.
Stay cool and dry, and I'll send updated photos of Hoko as she grows. And the others as well.

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